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Our Youth Movement

PROMISE. Youth & Sports Academy provides professional development opportunities that help equip today’s youth with the skills they need to succeed in their future endeavors, whether that be college, trade school, entrepreneurship, or beyond.


Through personalized mentorship and goal-setting mindset coaching, our academy strives to help young people build the confidence they need to make informed decisions about their futures while also preparing them for success on the field and off by teaching them valuable lessons in sport leadership as well as college and trade school prep.


With our comprehensive approach, PROMISE offers a variety of additional services designed to equip youth with the skills they need to create a bright future for themselves and their communities alike!

Our Causes

Work We Do

Youth Conference
Young Volunteers
Community Service

Mental Health Support and Workforce Readiness Resources

We provide mentorship, mental health support, and resources such as career planning, job search, and soft skills training to help young people prepare for the workforce.

Family Bonding Activities

We promote family bonds through summer field trips, movies in the park, and art activities to help young people foster meaningful relationships with their families.

Changemakers of Tomorrow

We are building the next generation of changemakers by offering youth entrepreneurship and sports leadership programs that empower young people to become successful in their chosen paths.

Engage Yourself

P.R.O.M.I.S.E Youth encourages everyone to play their part in our Youth Movement. The only way we succeed is when the change comes from within, and we want to empower you to take an active role. Learn more about the opportunities available to lend your support.

Attend Upcoming Events

Start a Youth Chapter At Your School


Be Part of Something Great

Your Help is Truly Appreciated

Be a Force for Good

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